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PTO/SB/14 (11-08) Approved for use through 01/31/2014. OMB 0651-0032 U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Under the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, no persons are required
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Information contained on this sheet is preliminary and subject to revision. However, the information was originally gathered for use by patent examiners. It does not reflect the final, approved, published patent. The information contained on the application data sheet does not include any of the following (or any other information that is confidential and would not be deemed to be an application data sheet): Information contained in an application summary and is not relevant to its subject. However, in an application summary the examiner will receive information pertaining to the subject of the application. It does not include information about the nature and form of the invention, the scope and extent of the claimed invention, or any claim language. In evaluating an application, the examiner will use this information in conjunction with the information contained in the application. A “final” publication date or the last date of registration of the invention will not be included in this data sheet. It will reflect the final submission of the application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USA PTO). The purpose of receiving an application data sheet is to provide a concise description of the invention that can be incorporated into the final examination of the application, and is also to provide examiners with a useful tool for understanding the invention for the purpose of adjudicating the application. In general, the application data sheet should be viewed in conjunction with the following: The USPTO's patent application data (including specification, drawings, photos, and reports) and inventors' inventories for the application. Examiners should also be familiar with the PTO's patent publication and patent application data pages, which contain detailed information pertinent to the claims of the application. The information on these pages is only a description of the claims; the actual claims are presented elsewhere in the application or on the patent. The PTO has published a patent application data sheet for use with applications filed on or after December 14th, 1986. The application data sheet is a supplement to information on the USPTO's patent publication page, and is published to make the information presented on that page more useful for examining the patent. The PTO encourages applicants to include a concise summary, in lieu of an extensive specification, of their proposed invention in their application data sheets. As with the USPTO's patent publication page, the information on the application data sheet will be published on the patent application data sheet in accordance with the provisions of the Administrative Procedures Act (APA). The application data sheet may also be used in conjunction with the application publication data sheet.
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We×39’re going to look at the applicationdatasheet that×39’s 80s for shoranyhowoTototo fill it out if you×39’re a pro inventor then we'll look at the SO 1adeclaration that we use when we use an application data sheet these two forms are meant to work together to cover your declaration and all the bibliographic data for your application to start Download both forms from the USPTOwebsite forms page the URL is in the notes section the ad s actually includes instructions on how to fill it out but Wanted to do this video to give you something shorter to work with the ad Sis one of several machines read forms from the Patent Office which means that the data you enter into the form ingoing to go directly into their systems if you were entering it into a web form when you fill it out and save it, you just save it as is so that the PTO system can read it you're done×39’t want to DOA print scan save or print to PDF the first question will any part of this application be subject to a secrecy order no, so I leave this blank in the applicant information section first what type of applicant are you inventor legal representative party of interest IN×39’m invention, solo I check that then it×39’my prefix ix first middlLabanan suffix ix residence information notice that they ask for your city state and country of residence then they ask for citizenship then they ask for your mailing address, so they want to know your citizenship where you're currently living and whereto send you mail you can add another applicant by hitting the Add button hairball of the information is the same correspondence information separate for mall the information they just asked for they want to know the address to send official correspondence to this is headdress they are actually going to use when they send you a filing receipt Oran other communication regarding your application status the default is for customer number which is for people who have accounts with the USPTO EFS system just check this box and the address fields will appear in this case the correspondence address is the same Ashe inventor information, so I put that in application information here is Wharton×39’re going to put thinformationiaboutut the application title of invention attorney docket number not necessary here small entities unless you're a huge corporation check this being a small entity cuts most of the fees by half application type is the supervision allure non-provisionalselect non-provisional because that×39;what we're submitting subject there are three different types of subject for patents utility design and plant select utility for these questions suggested class subclass and technology IN×39’m going leather blank and let the Patent Office decide where to classify things a number of drawing sheets you can fill this out remember this is the number of pages of drawings not the number of figures and finally suggested figure so if you know which figure you want to go on the coverage of your application you...
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