PTO/SB/14 (11-08) Approved for use through 01/31/2014. OMB 0651-0032 U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Under the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, no persons are required
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We're going to look at the applicationdatasheet that's 80s for short and howto fill it out if you're a pro seinventor then we'll look at the SPO 1adeclaration that we use when we use anapplication datasheet these two formsare meant to work together to cover yourdeclaration and all of the bibliographicdata for your application to start Idownload both forms from the USPTOwebsite forms page the URL is in thenotes section the ad s actually includesinstructions on how to fill it out but Iwanted to do this video to give yousomething shorter to work with the ad Sis one of several machine read formsfrom the Patent Office which means thatthe data you enter into the form isgoing to go directly into their systemas if you were entering it into a webform when you fill it out and save ityou just save it as is so that the PTOsystem can read it you don't want to doa print scan save or print to PDF thefirst question will any part of thisapplication be subject to a secrecyorder no so I leave this blank in theapplicant information section first whattype of applicant are you inventor legalrepresentative party of interest I'm aninventor so I check that then it's myprefix first middle last and suffixresidence information notice that theyask for your city state and country ofresidence then they ask for citizenshipthen they ask for your mailing addressso they want to know your citizenshipwhere you're currently living and whereto send you mail you can add anotherapplicant by hitting the Add button hereall of the information is the samecorrespondence information separate fromall the information they just asked forthey want to know the address to sendofficial correspondence to this is theaddress they are actually going to usewhen they send you a filing receipt orany other communication regarding yourapplication status the default is for acustomer number which is for people whohave accounts with the USPTO EFS systemjust check this box and the addressfields will appear in this case thecorrespondence address is the same asthe inventor information so I put thatin application information here is whereyou're going to put the information inabout the application title of inventionattorney docket number not necessaryhere small entitiesunless you're a huge corporation checkthis being a small entity cuts most ofthe fees by half application type is thesupervision allure non-provisionalselect non-provisional because that'swhat we're submitting subject matterthere are three different types ofsubject matter for patents utilitydesign and plant select utility forthese questions suggested class subclassand technology I'm going to leave themblank and let the Patent Office decidewhere to classify things a number ofdrawing sheets you can fill this outremember this is the number of pages ofdrawings not the number of figures andfinally suggested figure so if you knowwhich figure you want to...